Optivitae’s mission is to develop properties that are designed and built so people intuitively feel at home, allowing for optimal living. Desirable neighborhoods. Ingeniously designed. Environmentally sustainable. Constructed meticulously.

We develop to inspire. We develop optimal living.


1. optimal living
origin: Latin, Optimum + Latin, Vita


Desirable Neighborhoods

Optivitae monitors desirable neighborhoods across the Southeast and nationally. Our developments across the United States appeal to multigenerational demographics, yet we appreciate the evolving interests of millennials, which present the greatest demand for optimal living choices.


Environmentally Sensitive

Optivitae thoughtfully reviews and implements sensible sustainable principles related to environmental impact, carbon footprint, efficiencies with water, energy, heating/cooling and waste in ways that contribute to return on investment for investors and increased satisfaction for our residents.


Ingenious Design

Each design plan initiated by Optivitae evolves from functional to meaningful, ingenious creative concepts.

We personalize each of our designs and developments to reflect the style of each local community and compel people to call our developments their home.


Meticulous Construction

Executing a comprehensive construction solution is part of how Optivitae delivers on-time and on-budget developments. We are methodical and meticulous in every aspect of construction planning, building and communication to achieve exceptional quality for every development.

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We are proud of our work and the value we create for our partners and residents.

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