Why Optivitae?

With over 20 years of experience as a development partner with two Atlanta-based multi-family developers, the Optivitae company is poised to use their design and development expertise to create new communities. Future developments will benefit from their experience, know how, reputation and insights gathered over the years.

Jacques Mebius
Jacques MebiusPrincipal
Dutch native with over 25 years of work experience in the United States as a manager in real estate development and venture capital. Management background includes raising of equity and debt, due diligence, budgeting and forecasting, recruiting and staff development, risk management, legal, marketing, sales and leasing. Strong analytical and personal skills are the basis for his management style, one that leverages employees into bottom line results.

After 21 years as development partner with two Atlanta multi-family developers, Ultima Holdings and Cortland Partners Jacques is set to use the experience, know how, reputation and insights he gained during these years to drive Optivitae’s vision and lead the company to deliver results for its partners and investors. Jacques’ ultimate goal is to lead profitable, meaningful developments that enhance the surrounding urban core.